Thursday, September 11, 2008


That's so many things happened today >> 11092009. A "stranger" been calling me, jumped into so many questions which I don't know what's going on and flooded me into a puzzle. Im full of stressed, I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and yes, it blew up my higher TEMPER!!!! Luckily I have Mr Kekasih around which calmed me down, taking all the stupid STRESSED, gave me the best medicine (hugs) and wipes all the tears with the best smiled ever.

To the person that've been using my identity and cheated people around them, let me tell you this...just be yourself and stop making idiot things. I do not know why you did all that, I do not care whoever you are and what you did was completly a shit! I am far away better than you and you can't be me, no matter how good you've been tried. Treat people like how you want to be treated. Stop being a LIAR. What goes around will definately comes around.

Im cursing your life for making me in deeply shit and also other people. Trust me, how far you've been running, sooner or later you will be caught. In Malay, this is the best word I will say to you....MUNAFIK ADALAH KEKEJIAN SEBAGAI MUSLIM DAN JIKA KAMU SEDAR ATAS KEMUNAFIKKAN KAMU, BERHENTI DARI MEMBOHONGI UMAT KERNA IA HANYA MENJADIKAN KAMU PARA TEMAN TEMAN SYAITAN YANG MENYESATKAN.

I've got your picture and if you do not stop all these, it will be uploaded very soon. Im not somebody but I have the superficial power to send you to hell. Take my word!

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